Moxie watching over the back yard. Grr My office mate. I moved Moxie's bed next to my desk where I could see her because she kept lying behind my chair and I almost rolled over her many times. Moxie with Papa at the beach. Geo's 60th B-day.  Steve Van Vleck and Bill Cottle help with the grilling. The foil turned out to be a messy method. Geo and his daughters at The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. Banana Slug! The Sibs. The gravity is all wonky at The Mystery Spot. Things are not quite what they appear. Gimme gimme. Girl with stick. C'mon Aunt Kat, I want the stick. It's just my size. Heaven on earth. New Sanderling oven backsplash. Happy St. Patty's Day! Moxie's always looking for an opportunity to go swimming - even in the Couger Bay Preserve marshes. Turkey crossing on our hill. Yummy peppermint hot chocolate treat I made myself. Moxie's glamour shot!  Every time we take her to a photo shoot she is in a constant state of motion.  What a ham! Moxie modeling her new booties and collar light at Kristi & Dave's. C'mon Mom, enough of that work stuff you do.  It's time to play with me. Dad came to take care of Moxie and help around the house for a few weeks while Jonathan was away.  Thanks Dad!!! Moxie meets Jessie on her first trip to Kansas. Our wonderful neighbor Kathy brought brunch during production week. Moxie loves Papa & Gigi's big backyard.  Kansas is AWESOME! Post-production photo editing and hardware upgrade. Mom gets a new hard drive. Moxie picks the funniest places to nap.  Nothing like 100 dancers' ripe laundry to curl up in.
This is how Moxie helps with the laundry. Where's Moxie? Can you see her now? Welcome home, Jonathan. Trip to Farragut State Park. Moxie loved swimming in Lake Pend Oreille.  We attempted to go in, but it was FRIGID. Walking along Lake Pend Oreille at Farragut State Park. Someone raided the dress-up box. Aviator goggles look good on Moxie. M'kay Mom & Dad.  I know you love dressing me up, but are you almost done? We all took turns wearing the fun costume. My turn! Moxie waiting to make a plaster of paris paw print at the CDA Parks open park day. Moxie and Amy in the informal dog parade. Our hotel room in Seattle.  The water for the bathtub came out of the ceiling. I used to drive one of those - Ford Taurus.  Display at the Seattle Art Museum. Moxie's first boat ride on Ken and Janie's boat on Lake Washington. Tubing with Kristi. Just chillin' behind the boat. Kristi feeds out the line for Dave and Jonathan. Dave and Burky got a much crazier ride than Kristi and Amy. Moxie loved the boat. Two happy kids. Swim time. Moxie and Dave headed out for the ball.