Jonathan and I flew to Seattle for Zillow's luau themed holiday party. A lavendar stand at Pike Place Market. Picking out stocking stuffers. Moxie got a new bed! A glorious Christmas Eve day at Sanderling. Mom dressed us all in Gramma's red plaid for Christmas Day.  Jonathan sported his nightgown with pride while talking to his parents on the phone. Relaxing.  That's something I don't do enough of.  It's a great feeling! A girl who likes her fluids.  I was actively drinking all of these, but didn't realize how many glasses I had until they were all put in one place. Snowy house for sale. The dog park was pretty much an ice skating rink in January. Moxie skated around the dog park, I walked around with the yelp of yak-trax, and other owners desperately clung to the fence. We took advantage of one beautiful day in January to hike at Mineral Ridge. View from the top of Mineral Ridge. Turner came to visit for a few days.  Moxie took Turner's bone, so Turner decided to chill on Moxie's bed and chew her bone. Best buddies. They had so much fun playing tug-of-war. Exhausted from several days playing with Turner, Moxie escaped to the bathroom for a nap. Laptop/Palmtop The butler bringing us a drink. The dishwasher. Moxie was quite interested in who won the Westminster Dog show. Doing a little machine maintenance. Nap time! Our Idahoan Red Sox fan!