The Giers came to CDA in October. Such a fun visit with Kathy and Hank!  I took them on a quick driving tour. This is at Higgins Point. Practicing their dance moves. We decided before the summer and fall totally pass us by, we should take a Lake Couer d'Alene cruise.  The Resort and Tubbs hill are in the distance as we head out on our tour. It was a crisp fall day. These are very high end condos.  Condos come with a membership to the Coeur d'Alene Resort golf course. The world's only floating green. We went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, California on our way to the beach house.  Moxie felt very welcome! Moxie appreciated the chance to strech her legs after many many hours in the car. After several years of hard work, Joy and Travis's house renovation is almost complete! Joy and Trav's beautiful house. Moxie loves Sanderling! What a great place for an afternoon nap! Multitasking! We lover our sunset walks at Sanderling. Moxie's first time swimming in the ocean. Pretty lady! Kat flew in from NYC for 36 hours to keep me company. Tim and Linsday also came to visit for a day. So many yummy treats. Sisters! Warming up a shivering Moxie with a big bear hug after she spent over an hour running in and out of the ocean. Such a good rider. Getting ready for the ski season. Celebrating an early Thanksgiving at our house with Nancy and Vaughn on their first visit to Idaho. Yikes! It's all coming out at once! Is anyone joining me? Nancy snoozing after a big meal - oblivious that Jonathan put a hat over her head. Moxie loves visitors! Picture perfect popovers. Snow! Moxie gets a visitor. Moxie trying out her new booties at Kristi and Dave's in Seattle. Kat and I spent four days with Mom and Marla in Ft. Lauderdale cleaning out Gramma's six closets.  We did a lot of purging!