My professional husband :) Professional head shot! Moxie's first experience with hail. Moxie finds a fun stick in the backyard - 4 months old. The neighborhood girls teach Moxie how to go down stairs. Stairs are scary! Treats are yummy! Moxie's getting big.  She's growing bigger than lap dog. Just lost a tooth! We met Jonathan's cousin Bill and his family in Austin. Our cherry tree flowers in early May. At 4 1/2 months, Moxie is allowed a bit more freedom in the house.  She can roam around the room on a long tether.  She chooses to spend a lot of time under my desk. I finally got to meet our nephew Devin when I went to Boston. Heather, Nathan, and Devin. Dad and the ladies. Dad finds a cool bike at the farmer's market at Cabrillo College. Cabrillo College farmer's market. Santa Cruz roller derby. Grilling at the beach house. San Francisco. Jonathan took me to some of his favorite haunts in SF. Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Dinner at Chow. Moxie and her bully stick. What a pretty girl. The Chacolet Bridge at Heyburn State Park over Lake Coeur d'Alene. Our happy girl. Sitting still for her photo. Like father like daugher.  Crazy kids. Moxie goes to the farm. Sunny at about 6 weeks old. Moxie meets Bella. Bella, you're kind of big, but I think we could be good friends. Moxie meets the ponies. Moxie's new backpack. Kat the birthday girl on her 30th in Michigan. Car d'Lane