Early January morning at Higgins Point viewing the bald eagles around lake Coeur d'Alene. Looking for eagles. Our eagle watching routine usually includes a coffee stop at Dutch Brothers. Making Kathy Gier's bierocks. NO! Jonathan, you have to wait for them to be cooked first. Turkeys in our driveway. The view from my desk. 2010 U.S. Figure Skating Championships - Junior pairs. That wasn't choreographed. A Sunday  afternoon hike at Farragut State Park. Meeting our Moxie at almost 5 weeks old. Jonathan and Moxie with her sibblings in the background,
Another bald eagle sighting in CDA. One of the many projects we got done before bringing Moxie home was fixing the grout in the bathroom. We went to Palm Bay, FL to visit Jonathan's parents in their new house. Playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. Nancy and Vaughn's house. Some very intense Wii play. With Nancy and Vaughn in Melbourne. Moxie's first day home - 8 wks old.  - February 14, 2010. Our precious valentine. She loves her new home.