Mudgy and Tubbs Hill covered in snow. Dad got us warm coats to get us through winter in our new hometown. I took Jonathan to Sandpoint, Idaho, and he shrank! We went to a Messiah sing-a-long and found couches we really liked.  After crawling around on the floor we found the brand and tracked them down! The bald eagles come through CDA in December and January for the salmon. Eagle sighting. First day in the new house!  First priority is a Christmas Tree. The before shot of our kitchen floor. During floor renovation. Trying to fit a star on top of the tree. Hmm, tight fit! The one benefit of the cold weather was that we could keep our milk and oj outside until we had access to the kitchen and bought a fridge. Yay for Christmas! Hanging the lights outside. Pretty front door. What a beautiful house! Photo of a homeowner. A bountiful Christmas. Thanks to Kat for helping us celebrate in the new house. Kat found a new boyfriend. Kat was excited to see snow! Christmas lights around the marina. Kat spent her week wrapped in her new snuggie, reading by the fire. We spent our New Year's Eve getting rid of the ugly green in the office. Trying out our new colors - KILL THE UGLY GREEN! Painting master, Kat, shows us how it's done. True Idahoans. Kat, are you going gray? JB + AB 4-EVA