We finally got a Wii in time for another cold drizzly winter. Mudgy the moose at the base of Tubbs hill.  This was our first visit to Coeur d'Alene for Jonathan's job interview. Coeur d'Alene Resort from Tubbs Hill Lake Coeur d'Alene from Tubbs Hill Another Mudgy statue along the Mudgy and Millie trail throughout CDA. Almost Halloween in CDA A mural in downtown CDA. I like the cheerful dixieland band dudes. Jonathan at the Hayden Lake dock. The world's only floating green at the Coeur d'Alene Resort Golf Course. We took our friends to the Melting Pot for our Seattle farewell dinner. Mmmm, boiling oil. The dessert course. I got a little crazy with the chocolate. Great friends!  Chelsea, Kristi, Dave, Jonathan, Amy, Monica, Heather. Kristi and Dave helping pack up the house. Who knew we could fill up a 26' truck. Monica getting it all to fit. I'm glad they were out of 22' trucks because as it was, we had to leave things behind. Thanks team! A gray arrival to CDA. Our favorite bridge on the walk around Tubbs Hill. All of the bathrooms in the parks and other public places around CDA are port-a-potties with fancy sculpture housings around them. Our apartment has great views of the sunsets. November snow in our soon-to-be new neighborhood. Almost our new house. Pending sale - that's right, pending to us. Early season dusting of snow on what will be our new house in less than one month. Coffee at Java. We didn't last long as a one car family in Idaho.  Meet 'Boozer' Jonathan's new car. Jonathan's office. Around Thanksgiving the Christmas lights go up around downtown CDA. Another beautiful sunset outside our apartment window. Our first trip back to Seattle was for Thanksgiving.  We came bearing 'Idaho' gifts. An Idaho gift basket from the Burky Turkeys. Kristi liked her gift basket.  I'm not sure what she liked the most, but I know the Elk Sausage was a big hit! Dave and Kristi got us Top Pot t-shirts as going away gifts.  We wore them for our first trip back to Top Pot. The Macy's parade - the day after Thanksgiving. Chelsea and Amy waiting for the parade to get exciting. This pretty much sums up what we saw at the parade. Not quite the Macy's parade in NYC. The kennel club. The unicycle club. Seattle skyline from Kerry Park