Birthday breakfast - Top Pot apple fritter and coffee!  Yummy! All dressed up for my birthday dinner. I made Kristi an aluminum foil swan for her leftovers.
Chelsea is reading my b-day card. Yay for Dave and Kristi! Yummy really frostingy cake Jonathan got at Larson's swedish bakery. Chelsea makes a mighty fine scooper.  Molly Moon's is soooo yummy! I guess I'm getting to the age that the cake just looks like a glowing orb. A very happy birthday girl. Beautiful drive down to CA.
Dad enjoying his vacation at the beach. What a wonderful place to spend our first anniversary. Jonathan was feeling very artistic. mmmm... Aptos Burger At least I know my hair will look good when Kat's around. Life doesn't get much better than this. Dad's putting together our new surfboard from Costco. Like mother like daughter. Like father like daughter. and once again... like mother like daughter. We had a wonderful bbq meal in the courtyard to celebrate our first anniversary. The grillmasters. I don't know what all the hype is about, but our wedding cake was just plain gross after one year in the fridge and traveling coast-to-coast. The lights of Capitola. Kat gives Mom and Dad an iPhone lesson. Lookin' good folks Them birds are scary.  Have to stay inside where it's safe. Another anniversary dinner.  This time on the front deck celebrating and early 34th anniversary for Mom and Dad. This resembles the anniversary dinner we made two years ago in Switzerland. Dad hard at work setting up speakers in the living room. No trip to the beach would be complete without cards and guac. I can fly.... or at least I can make them fly. Our plan was to keep 'Just Married' on our car until it started to peel off, but it still looked great after a year. I guess after one year we're no longer 'Just Married,' but we're still 'Married.' This is one of about 40 photos Jonathan took on rapid fire with our new camera. The birds took over the 'Palo Alto' - cement ship. Sanderling at Sunset.
A beautiful end to another glorious trip. A beautiful end to another glorious trip.