Jonathan and Amy heading out for a night on the town Engagement dinner - Top of the Hub in Boston We returned to camp the day after we got engaged. Visiting Greenville, Maine Jonathan and his dad. Autumn harvest in New England In Vermont for Christa's wedding. Ben and Jerry's factory tour. Moo Halloween 2007 Heading to Salem on the train. Thats MY devil! A crisp fall day at the Newfound/Owatonna boat dock. Hiking Hawk Mountain with Jonathan's family Jonathan and his mom on Hawk Mountain. Jonathan, Nancy, and Heather. Hopping the fence at Duxbury Beach - November 2007 It was a little after cranberry season, but there were still some cranberries left in the bogs. Jonathan at the cranberrry bog. Thanksgiving in Windham. Jonathan's Massachusetts Bar induction. November 26, 2007 - Jonathan officially became a MA attorney. Faneuil Hall decorated for Christmas. Jonathan's Mom came down for the induction ceremony. We saved Jonathan a seat in the projection booth. Running spot for Prairie Nutcracker. December 2007 - Hutchinson ice storm - our backyard Ice storm damage at the 16th street house. The weight of the ice forced this tree onto our roof. Kathy Gier came over for a tea party. Despite the power outage, we were still able to have afternoon tea thanks to my camp stove. Christmas at Sanderling. We had the entire Andrews/Williams clan together for Christmas day at Sanderling. Brookie our little Christmas elf. Christmas Elves. We braved the coooooold water on Christmas day.  Thanks to Jonathan's neon wetsuit, we weren't mistaken as seals. The entire Andrews/Williams clan. PDA! Cousins in height order. Cousins in age order Kat took our engagement photos at the pier by the Palo Alto ship. December 27 isn't the most ideal day to take engagement photos in the Pacific Ocean! Sure, it looks romantic, but it was freeeeeezing! Point Reyes beach. We met up with Ben and Jacqueline and went hiking at Point Reyes. We spent our first New Year's Eve together in San Francisco and Jonathan showed me all his old haunts.  This is where he used to live.	Haight Ashbury I love San Francisco! Announcing our wedding date. We found a statue that looks just like me. The first sunset of 2008. Pier 39 Jonathan on Lombard Street. New Years Day by the Golden Gate bridge. Jonathan's ready for his first life boat drill on the M.V. Explorer on our way to Belize. Zip Lining through the tree canopy in Belize. Jason and Justing ready for the zip line. Ah, the view from the back of the MV Explorer. Ship Olympics. Sunset at sea. Gramma showing off Kat's photo book. Moving back to Boston. Driving through St. Louis in the Penske truck. We went cross-country skiing around Owatonna and down the beach trail. Big float. Heather's birthday party. We had a longer than expected stop in Las Vegas on our way to our Salt Lake City. We spent one day in Salt Lake City. Great Salt Lake. Next stop in our 'find a future home town' tour was Boise, ID. Future job in Idaho City? Next stop... Portland, OR Thank you, we needed an umbrella. ...and on to Seattle.  We'd been eyeing this double sleeping bag online, so we had to go to Feathered Friends to try it out. Hmm, $219 sounds like a pretty good deal for a husband. On the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Chelsea, Kristi, and Amy on the Bainbridge Island Ferry. Kayakin on Lake Washington from the Lanier's dock. Mt. Rainier. Mom's spring show had to compete with some pretty crazy weather.  We had major flooding and tornado warnings.  Gramma and Jesse waited it out in the basement. It's summer, that must mean Jonathan's studying for a Bar Exam.  This summer it's Idaho. We went up to Maine to run 4 on the 4th and spent the afternoon with Jamie and Tessa on Long Lake.