Harry Potter Bun Run.  Jonathan as Ron, Barrett as Harry, and Laura Lee as Hermione. Evan was a great Dobby. Belaying Evan's mom up the zip line. Evan and his mom getting ready to go down the zip line. Camp triathlon - transition from swimming to kayaking. Kayak leg of the triathlon. Burky and Laura cheer on the triathletes. Newborn calf at Eastman farm. Bun Run week 2 - Dave Hohle as Dumbledore, Laura Lee as Hermione, Barrett as Harry Potter, Burky as Ron Weasley, and Amber as Ginny Weasley. We're looking a little rough around the edges after two weeks of Family Camp, but we had to take a few couple shots. At the airport before I flew off to Switzerland. At this point we didn't know if it would be 4 days or 4 months until we saw each other again. Fortunately, it was closer to 4 days.